Monday, October 11, 2010

How to add 'shared items' from Googe Reader into Google Blogger

After spending far too long trying to find out how to add my shared items into my blog, I came across this method:
(I hope this saves you some time and frustration)

Go to Google Reader, go to your SharedItems, SharingSettings.

Near the bottom of that page, you will find an 'Add a clip' link. Click on it and a popup will be shown; copy that javascript into the clipboard (Ctrl-C) and then go into Blogger.

Select Dashboard, Settings, Design.

Click on the 'Add a Gadget' link and, when the popup comes up, select 'Basics' from the left sidebar menu. A list will be shown that contains an entry called 'HTML/Javascript'. Click on the '+' button next to it.

A popup will be shown that will ask for a Title and Content.

Paste what you copied earlier on into the Content area, give it a title and job done!

ps: Comments and/or links to this article are most welcome!

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