Saturday, November 1, 2008

System Explorer - A great utility

A new system utility has just popped up in my radar! It is System Explorer and it combines the best of a number of similar utilities.
It is part TaskManager, ProcessExplorer, ProcessMonitor, AutoStarts etc.

Here is what the main screen looks like:

It has many tabs that show info on:
  • running tasks
  • processes
  • modules
  • performance (shown above)
  • windows (shown above)
  • process history (including connection history). Can be logged to file and auto-cleaned too.
  • opened files list
  • list of open connections, by application
  • snapshots! Allows you to take snapshots of your system files and/or registry. It also allows you to compare snapshots!!!
The 3 features I find the best out of it are:
  • Ctrl-Alt-Ins brings up SE immediately.
  • I can close files that are locked by a process (with caution!) so they can be renamed, deleted etc. I used to use Unlocker for that.
  • Alt-Space brings up a NewTask dialog

Further, if you right-click on the tray icon, you get this handy menu

One of the handy sub-menus is that of SystemUtilities which brings up this window:

This is only a glimpse of what this neat app does; visit the web site to get all the info.

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