Sunday, January 20, 2013

Win7 window-title double click does not maximise...

Somehow, I found myself double-clicking on the top border of a window in Win7 and...nothing happened.
I had rather hoped that the window would maximise vertically, as it had countless times before.

I blamed it on the extreme heat we've been having here in Melbourne (no, not the one in the US, I mean the real one), so I put up with it for a week or two.

Eventually my nerves couldn't take it any more, so I found this fix:
(This fix should also work in Vista. The best fix though is to ditch Vista, kick yourself for ever installing it on your computer and stay with Win7-64.
Also, there is no need to pay more money to Microsnuff. 
No, you don't need Win8!)

- Open Control Panel.
- Click on 'Ease of Access'
- Click on 'Make the Mouse easier to use'
(be warned, the computer will start talking to you. Don't worry, its just subliminal messages from Steve Balmer trying to make you:
   - Buy Win8
   - Switch from Google to Bing (Bing what???I hear you say)
   - repeat above 2 steps forever)

- Make sure the 'Prevent windows from being automatically arranged...' checkbox is *not* checked
- Done!

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