Thursday, December 17, 2015

Make Logitech keyboard media keys work with AIMP and Google Play Music

If your Logitech keyboard media keys are not working, it is probably because Logitech's Setpoint software does not support your media player.

I have an MK300 MK520R keyboard and when I press the volume up/down, mute and pause keys, all is well.

However, when I press the prev/next keys, nothing happens.

Here is a solution that works with my keyboard and Setpoint

- Find the file players.ini 
(in my case, it is in:  C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP)

- Open it with an editor and add the 2 lines I've highlighted
(please note that due to line-wrap, things look a little messy.
I have used <CRLF> in places where the line needs to break.
Any line breaks anywhere else are actually just word-wraps)

#List of supported players<CRLF>
#{btn|key|msg|emg|cmd|wac},exeName, wndClass,wndCaption,xxx,play_delayplay,pause,stop,prev,next,remove_flags,ShowOSD,menu_item<CRLF>
#special char --> ^ ctrl;+ shift+ctrl; $ ctrl (no translation); * alt (no translation); @ ctrl+alt (no tanslation); & (no translation) <CRLF>
AIMP3=cmd,AIMP3.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5<CRLF>
AIMP2=cmd,AIMP2.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5<CRLF>

[EDIT 21 jun 2014]
 Remember to restart Setpoint after you made your changes to the INI file.

[EDIT 17 dec 2015]

 Modified to suit AIMP4

;AIMP3lib=cmd,AIMP3lib.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5
AIMP3=cmd,AIMP3.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5
AIMP2=cmd,AIMP2.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5
AIMP4=cmd,AIMP.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5

[EDIT 3 may 2017]
Modified to suit Google Play Music
In the players.ini file, add the following to the corresponding sections

[Players] GooglePlayMusic=key,chrome.exe,Chrome_WidgetWin_1,xxx,xxx,&0xB3,&0xB3,&0xB2,&0xB1,&0xB0,0,1,Google Play Music 

[Players.Run] GooglePlayMusic=path,%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Applications\_crx_icppfcnhkcmnfdhfhphakoifcfokfdhg\Google Play Music.ico 

GooglePlayMusic=Google Play Music
You then need to kill the SetPoint process and re-start it, for the changes to take effect.

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  1. Thanks! With WinAmp shutting down this month, I wanted to switch to AIMP but had this issue with the keyboard. I found that I had to comment out the other players and features (add a # to the start of each line) or it would keep restarting the song rather than pausing. I might have gone overboard for what was needed, but since I'm not using other players this worked best for me.

  2. I added those 2 lines, but it doesn't work, i use Aimp2 v2.51 build 330

  3. man, u r da bomb... it worked!!! THANX A LOT. God bless you!!! :D

  4. Thanks a lot!! I searched how to add AIMP3 to SetPoint Players for my K800. It works like a charm! :)

  5. Remember to restart SetPoint after adding lines to .ini file

  6. Thanks a bunch. It worked for me as well on SetPoint ver 6.65, and desktop K330

  7. Simply Great!! Thanks

  8. Worked great to fix the Play/Pause media buttons on my Logitech K360 Keyboard that had been broken/disabled by the later versions of Setpoint. Thank you for the post!

  9. So great !!!
    Work with Setpoint 6.65 on MS 8.1 x64 & Logitech Media Keyboard Elite !!

  10. As others here, I can't make it work. No matter how I enter/add the lines, it doesn't take. K800 Illuminated here, latest setpoint software. Can anyone post their .ini file already modified and working?

    1. I am sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, I am now running Windoze 8.1 and have not actually installed the Logitech drivers, so I can't send you the players.ini file.

  11. It would be great if someone could post/email his copy of the players.ini file. (I am now running win8.1 and have not installed the Logitech software...)

  12. Thaks Nick.
    I have win8.1 and your solution helped me!

  13. Nick, is it possible to assign 'seek foward' feature?
    Holding down "next track" media button on Logitech keyboard. Aimp default shortcut 'ctrl+right'.

    1. Hi Remi,
      I am afraid I don't know any more about this than you do :-(
      Try googling it and see if anyone else has any tricks

      Have a great 2015!

    2. To enable "seek forward", add this line into the [Players.Seek] section of players.ini file:
      And to enable "seek backward" add this line in the [Players.Rewind] section:

    3. Thanks so much man!

  14. Thank You very much. It works great!

    You saved my day.

  15. Very nice, now I can enjoy the MX800 Kombo.
    Thank you!

  16. Thanks a lot, also works for K350 :-)


  17. Excellent. Works like a charm now. thx!

  18. Many thanks! This worked beatifully.

  19. Excellent! This works perfectly! I suggest you guys to use notepad++

  20. It works indeed. You have to find the exact point to add the lines and then to change line I pressed the "enter" button.

  21. Hi, anyone knows how to define TIDAL in players.ini file on Logitech media keys in keyboard?

  22. Hi, anyone knows how to define TIDAL in players.ini file in Logitech media keys in keyboard?

  23. Hi, you have solved my problem! Thank you very much.


  24. Hello, does work for aimp4

  25. Vielen Dank,
    AIMP 4 schnell eingebunden.
    Bei Windows 10 ist ein speichern nur als Administrator möglich.
    Es funktioniert SUUUUUUUPER!!!
    Beste Grüße

  26. Windows 7 Home Edition x64 SP1 - all updates; I found this article through Google when my Logitech Media Keyboard 600 stopped working with AIMP3 after an update of SetPoint to version 6.67.83 (64-bit). I used gVim Portable (less clutter) to add the lines to players.ini and it worked!

    Many thanks from Flanders, Belgium! :-)

  27. Yess!! thank you so much! It worked perfectly with Setpoint 6.67.83 & AIMP4 . Just added the line to the top bottom.. and voilà!!

    Cheers from Spain !!

  28. Perfect job! Thanx very much!

  29. You are a saint! Worked with Aimp4 perfectly. The only problem is if you seek forward/backwards while playing then play/pause button resets the playing to the beginning. This does not happen if you seek when the track is paused.

  30. Veery veryy thanks=)) k330&6.67 work good)

  31. Win7 32b + AIMP v4.02 + SetPoint6.67.83 + Media Keyboard 600.
    Worked :-)
    Thank you.


  32. Works like a charm, AIMP4 + Logitech K520

  33. Replies
    1. I am sorry, I don't know anything about TIDAL PC...
      Perhaps someone else reading this can help.

  34. Thank you very much it worked for me with my MK700 and SetPoint 6.67.83

  35. great, thanks a lot

  36. Worked perfectly with Logitehc K360 keyboard on Windows 10, Logitehc Setpoint 6.67 and AIMP 4.11. Thanks a lot!

  37. Thank you very much....took a little while to get it to work, but after some trying it did....AIMP3 (4)
    is working fine now!

  38. Or the reason is that you might haven`t the driver installed. Well enough just to Logitech Drivers Download user a list with right drivers for Windows. In more cases, it usually helps.

  39. Hello, after a 20more times try -> it doesn´t work with logitech diNovo edge - Any ideas for troubleshooting or work just this keyboardseries not with aimp?