Thursday, September 11, 2008

Find out what is using up space on your hard disk

This neat, free utility, called DriveSpacio will show you what is taking up space on your hard disk.
It will also, optionally, hook into Windows Explorer so that you can simply right-click on a disk or folder and see what is taking up space there.

There is a standard installer for it, which hooks itself into Windows.
There is also a portable version that comes in a ZIP. Simply extract into a folder and run the EXE.

In the chart shown here, if you hover the mouse over the chart (away from the folders shown), you will get an up-arrow pointer. When you click during this, you will be taken up a folder level.

If you hover over the folder names, you will get an un-intrusive popup with info on that folder.
If you click on the folder name, it will zoom-in on that folder.

Also, while hovering over a folder, you can perform the following functions:
- Open Containing Folder
- Open Folder
- Delete Folder

Visit the author's web site for downloads and more screenshots.

As Mike pointed out, there is another app that is similar to this and which is open-source and has a little more eye-candy.

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  1. Have a look at WinDirStat ( It give you a much more visual view of how your hard disk space is being used. Open source to boot.

  2. Ok, that looks good too.
    I'll add it to the main article.