Saturday, April 4, 2009

The DSLR saga goes on!

... and just when it all looked like it was settling down (read: I'd stopped telling everyone about what my DSLR was going to be...again and again, see my blog entry), a new one pops up on my radar and I have to start all over again!

(drum roll please!)

Canon EOS500D

Here's a brief look at the vitals:
- 15MP (more than enough!)
- RAW format
- ISO 100-3200 with expansion to 12800.
- 3" LCD with 920k pixels! Yes!
(btw, when are we going to go metric with everything?! What's with this 'inches' thing????)
- 1080p video at 20fps (up to 4GB or 29m:59s)
- 720p video at 30fps (up to 4GB or 29m:59s)
(note that for either of the above, the camera cannot focus continually while recording. Hmm, does this make video recording on the 500D as useless as teats on a bull?)
- Expected price: US$799 for the body.

All I need now is a good lens to cover 28-450mm (in 35mm terms).
Still looking for that one.

For in-depth info on this camera, head over to DPReview or DCResource

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