Sunday, July 18, 2010

updates on web sites I've worked on

Surrounds (now called Project Monitor) is a building and mining projects reporting service, based in Melbourne, AUS.
It offers a subscription service with information relating to the above.

Subscribers are given access to the web-based app that is within the web site. This allows them to search for and view information on building and mining projects contained in the online database.

The site was built in 2008, based on a look-and-feel design that the graphics designer (Noel Pennington) produced. I designed and developed the web site, the web app that sits alongside it, the online database, as well as a method to synchronise the MSSQL-based office database with the MySQL-based online database.

The site was build using PHP5.2x, MySql 5.x and the brilliant jQuery.
The tools used during development were WAMP, Eclipse, Firefox, Subversion and TortoiseSVN.
W3C-compliance was accomplished with the help of a great Firefox plug-in, HTML Validator.

It goes without saying that Microsoft's pathetic and disgraceful excuse for a browser (IE6 and 7) were the hardest ones to deal with!

On the positive side, Firefox made it a breeze to develop, test and debug!
The Firefox plug-in Firebug made it so much more fun to debug the app and the WebDeveloper plug-in made it a breeze to try thing on-the-fly!

The site was tested against Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and (ahem) Internet Exploder.


Another one of the web sites I've created has had a cosmetic facelift.
(See more on it in an earlier blog entry, Antique, Vintage and Handmade Woodworking Tools)
This is a site about antique, vintage and handmade woodworking tools that my nephew restores. Have a look at it; all else aside, the photography of those tools is amazing!

The facelift involved changing the main menu to use Superfish, a jQuery suckerfish-type menu. Apparently, he's been getting fan mail for the new look! Cool!

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