Friday, October 16, 2009

dSLR saga goes on...

One of these days, I will actually buy a dSLR and the fun will stop.
Toing and froing from one camera model to another for the last 12(!!!) months has been fun. Hasn't it?

Here are the spasms of selecting a dSLR thus far

At this rate, I will be buying a dSLR sometime just before the Y3K problem comes around.


Anyway, at the moment, I have my eyes set on a Canon EOS500D, costing AU$1,139 at camerastore

The sticking point is that I can't find a lens that will give me the zoom range I have in my current camera, a lowly Panasonic FZ20 (non-dDSLR) with a 12x lens which reaches 423mm at f2.8!
(Did I mention that I have a 2.2x teleconverter on top of that?)

If I look at, say, the Tamron 18-270mm, it covers a 35mm equivalent of 28-419mm but starts at f3.5...

Still, at AU$628, it is a pretty good price!

Pop by in a few months time...who knows, with the holiday season just around the corner, I may just do it!

Buy a dSLR!

Finally!  (I think)

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